This meeting was full of useful announcements.  If there are any questions about any of the announcements feel free to contact the listed members.

PSAB Announcement
    * Pro Bono Project sign-ups are ongoing
    * For more info contact or
Family Law Society Announcement
    * Juvenile Detention Center tour in Clayton 10/22/2010
    * Meet at 12:30 at AB to carpool
    * Contact Mollie Stemper at
Public Interest Week
    * Monday 10/25 “I want to know what you did last summer”
    * Wednesday 10/27 Planning the public interest summer
    * Friday 10/29  Resume advice
    * CSO update (Jess
        - request for suggestions for Spivey Tracker
        - summer internship opportunity with the Director of Legal Services in Ohio
            * stipend only program
        - new CSO employee Kara starts this week
    * WLC Auction (Annie
        - t-shirt ideas for auction
        - other ideas requested
    * Public Service (Kim
        - habitat for Humanity in Spring 2011 with SLU group PILG
        - database of approved PSAB approved volunteer activities
        - overview of PSAB
        - Saturday November 13th is Mock interviews and resume review
    * Social Events  (Lorilei
        - potluck scheduled for Friday November 12th
        - details to be announced soon