The first meeting of the semester was filled with exciting announcements and updates on upcoming activities. 

There is still a carpool forming for the Midwest Public Interest Law Careers Conference coming up Saturday February 5th.  Contact Chris Donahoe if you are interested in joining in the carpool.  Tuesday, February 8th PILS will be hosting a movie night featuring Conviction, starring Hillary Swank on campus.  Stay tuned to the law daily for the room announcement.  Animal Law Society will be having its first ever organizational meeting in the next two weeks.  An email will be sent out when the date and room are available.  Finally, Tuesday February 22nd - Thursday February 24th, PILS will be sponsoring a second week of valuable information for all those pursuing a career in public interest, this time focusing on how to pursue public interest and make student loan payments at the same time.  February 22nd will have a panel on Fellowship opportunities, both for 1L/2L summers and 3L postgrad opportunities.  February 23rd will focus on Loan Repayment options and breaks available to those in government service or public interest.  February 24th will be a special presentation from the Washington University Business School Skandalaris Center on social entrepreneurship and the programs they offer.  Finally, PILS will be sponsoring the Friday April 8th Happy Hour with the Consumer Protection Society. 

Jess has been working with Carol Vizer to find more postgrad options for public interest students.  Stay tuned for Public Interest Week 2 updates for more information on the programs and opportunities that they find or create. The Women's Law Caucus is also working hard through their auction activities to create more stipends for rising 3Ls.  The auction is coming up in March, so stay tuned for date, time and location info to help the cause by attending or spreading the word.

Public Service: 
Kim Harris is taking volunteers for a Habitat for Humanity construction day in February.  Contact her at  Sharone Pasternak is taking volunteers to create a listening library for a St. Louis Public School to help children learn to read.  Volunteers would help raise funds for the project, record books on tape, and help select a school to donate the finished product to.  Contact her at
Here are some interesting articles related to changes in law schools approach to teaching, and the state of the public interest market:

This meeting was full of useful announcements.  If there are any questions about any of the announcements feel free to contact the listed members.

PSAB Announcement
    * Pro Bono Project sign-ups are ongoing
    * For more info contact or
Family Law Society Announcement
    * Juvenile Detention Center tour in Clayton 10/22/2010
    * Meet at 12:30 at AB to carpool
    * Contact Mollie Stemper at
Public Interest Week
    * Monday 10/25 “I want to know what you did last summer”
    * Wednesday 10/27 Planning the public interest summer
    * Friday 10/29  Resume advice
    * CSO update (Jess
        - request for suggestions for Spivey Tracker
        - summer internship opportunity with the Director of Legal Services in Ohio
            * stipend only program
        - new CSO employee Kara starts this week
    * WLC Auction (Annie
        - t-shirt ideas for auction
        - other ideas requested
    * Public Service (Kim
        - habitat for Humanity in Spring 2011 with SLU group PILG
        - database of approved PSAB approved volunteer activities
        - overview of PSAB
        - Saturday November 13th is Mock interviews and resume review
    * Social Events  (Lorilei
        - potluck scheduled for Friday November 12th
        - details to be announced soon
Administrative Necessities: 
At the first general body meeting of the semester the remaining board positions were filled.  The new officers are Kayla Skelton for Secretary, Hannah Zhao for Treasurer, and Deona DeClue for 1 L representative.  The board appointed positions still available are social chair, service chair, and Womens' Law Caucus auction representative.  If you are interested in one of the positions you must submit a short statement of intent and why you would be a good candidate to John Henry at by Friday September 24th.  For more information on the duties of the board appointed positions see the latest newsletter.  The last administrative topic is dues.  No one likes to pay them, but to make sure you get to have a free lunch at the meetings, we need them.  Dues can be paid to Hannah Zhao (1L mail boxes) and are $10.  If paying by check make sure it is written to Washington University School of Law with PILS in the memo line.

Upcoming Events:
PILS week is coming up with discussions with 2L and 3L students who have experience in the public interest summer internship world.  Also available will be an info session on WashU sponsored externship opportunities and a resume building/writing session cosponsored with PSAB.  PSAB is also holding a round table discussion next Tuesday September 28th at noon.  There will also be a casual lunch with a public interest practitioner.  Finally, Equal Justice Works Conference is scheduled for the end of October, but registration deadlines are quickly approaching.  2L and 3L students have the opportunity to interview with employers at the conference but must register for those opportunities by Friday September 24, 2010.  1Ls cannot interview but are more than welcome at the conference and can speak to employers at informal tabling sessions.  For more info on the conference see the recent newsletter or go to to register.  For exact dates and times for all above mentioned activities watch for upcoming newsletters and calendar updates. 

Keep an eye on Spivey tracker to see if Dean Spivey is going to locations where you want to work.  If there is a particular employer that you would like him to speak to on behalf of you and your excellent peers, send the organization name with a contact number to Dean Spivey's assistant Kris Kay at .  Good news for 3Ls looking to move into a public interest law career, the 3 month post graduation stipend program looks like it will be continued next summer.  As soon as the budget is passed there should be more information about exactly how many stipends will be available and what you must do to apply.  Finally, T-shirts should be available soon to purchase, so keep an eye out in the newsletter for ordering information.  PILS makes it better, so make sure everyone knows by wearing a PILS slogan shirt.
The NYTimes comments on the trend of promising associates, who have accepted deferrals from private firms, working in the public interest sector.  Not surprisingly, many associates walkaway with a positive experience and some even decide to stay in the public interest sector.

"Young Lawyers Turn to Public Service"