WULaw Programming
Public Service Placements (placements by category--with descriptions and contact info)
For additional information on any of the placements, please contact Elizabeth Walsh, Assistant Dean for Student Services, at (314) 935-5861or  Students are encouraged to do legal pro bono work.  Students seeking legal placements should contact the Director of Student Services for more information and click on the Pro Bono link.

Clinical Education Program
Recognizing that acquiring professional skills and values in a real world context is an essential component of legal education, Washington University Law guarantees every interested student at least one clinical opportunity during his or her second or third year of law school. (Includes the Civil Justice Clinic, Civil Rights & Community Justice Clinic, & Criminal Justice Clinic & more.)

Lawyering Practice Externship
Students learn advocacy and litigation skills working under the supervision of field supervisors in government law offices or legal departments of tax-exempt charitable organizations.

Semester Exchange Partner Schools
The law school has exchange agreements with eleven foreign law schools. Each exchange partner offers a number of courses in English (and at several, the main language of instruction is English). In each program, exchange students study alongside local law students at the undergraduate and/or graduate level.

CSO Blog

Provides detailed information on legal employment issues and statistics, job search information, job posts, tips from experts and policy communication.

Summer Opportunities
Africa Public Interest Law & Conflict Resolution Initiatives
The Africa Public Interest Law & Conflict Resolution Initiatives is a student and faculty project developed in 2002 to advance human rights, conflict resolution, and access to justice in Africa; to foster study, research, and professional experiences in Africa for Washington University Law students and faculty; and to offer educational programs on Africa at the School of Law.

Asia Public Interest Law & Conflict Resolution Initiatives
The Career Services Office and the Office of Internatonal Programs provide support for students working and studying abroad.  The Whitney R. Harris World Law Institute’s Dagen-Legomsky Fellowship program also supports students who work and study abroad.

Foreign Summer and Intersession Programs
(ABA Approved Programs)
These programs are only open to students who have successfully completed their first year of study and are enrolled in an ABA approved law school. Under the approved Criteria, students enrolled in ABA-approved law schools may earn credit toward the J.D. degree for participating in an approved Semester or Year-Long Study Abroad Program, an approved Foreign Summer or Intersession program or through school-approved individual study programs, sometimes within an approved Cooperative Program between an ABA-approved law school and a foreign institution.

Public Interest Summer Stipend
This fund allows students to work for non-profits, governmental entities, and other employers (upon approval) around the world during their summers and receive compensation for their efforts.

Other Opportunities
-Better Business Bureau (BBB) – mediation of disputes
-Employment Connection – Aid vets, homeless, & recently released, with resumes and mock interviewing
-United States Arbitration & Mediation (USAM) – observe a mediation, a growing form of dispute resolution
-Check State bar websites for postings

PILS Programming

Career Workshop
PILS programming includes resume development, tackling the public interest interview, and client interviewing.
*Schedule TBA*
**Remember to visit the CSO in person and on-line for resume and cover letter examples and advice**